Wallpaper Collab with Coloray Decor x 2

Hey Guys, Well as you should probably know, I’ve moved house! Which meant the wallpaper from the last house had to come down. See Wallpaper Collab with Coloray Decor. I wanted to save the wallpaper and reuse it in the new house but unfortunately we were faced with a very short amount of time to get everything off the walls for our cleaner to come through. So we had to say goodbye to this stunning wallpaper. This, by far, has been my favourite feature wall to date!

Luckily for me, Coloray was interested in seeing some of their gorgeous wallpaper displayed in my new home and Tahli was finally going to have a room of her own so we decided to pick a wallpaper for her room. She chose this gorgeous Peony Wallpaper in Grey. At first, I was unsure how it would look because I’m allll about the colour but I was willing to give it a go and see how I could style it. 

Once it arrived, it was easy sailing from there, this was my fourth time installing Removable Wallpaper so I was confident that I could have this done in an hour. I followed the instructions that are supplied with the wallpaper. Before I started, I pinned it up to see how it would look and I was pleasantly suprised!

I cut around the door frame and applied the last panel and I’m in loooove! (and a little bit jealous, because now I want this wallpaper for my own bedroom. 

I even had some left over so I used that on the back of our breakfast bar. It goes well with our chalkboard!

Have a look at how I’ve styled this room since applying the wallpaper.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Brandi xx

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