Tile Decal Collab with Bleucoin

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to share with you my latest kitchen update using tile decals from Bleucoin . This update was so quick & easy and affordable. I used 88 tile decals total in the pattern “Classism” which for 44 tile decals is just under $90 AUD. So the total cost was $180 AUD for 88 tile decals.


Here is some information from their website about the decals: P R O D U C T . F A C T S ● Premium quality self-adhesive vinyl with UV protective HD print with 7+ years life. ● They are meant for Wall, Tile, Metal, Glass, Wood, Ceramic, Floor Tile, Cabinet, Ceiling, Door, Appliance, Furniture & many more. ● Realistic tile look ● Laminated ● High performance adhesive for long durability ● 100% opaque decals hence tiles are covered completely(these decals are not transparent). ● Easily removable without leaving residues or damaging any surface. ● Highly recommended for renters. ● Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit. ● Water & Heat resistance ● Indoor & Outdoor use

So there you have it folks, If you’re looking for a kitchen, bathroom or even laundry update thats more affordable than installing new tiles then this is a great option for you to consider.

Check out the before and after pictures below & to find out how I applied the decals myself.


Progress: Its taken me about an hour to get this side done, that includes cleaning the tiles. (They were pretty dirty).

I used a mixture of sugar soap & water to clean the tiles and then let them dry. The tile decals were extremely easy to apply and re-apply if needed. I’ve left the tiles that needed measuring till last.

To measure & cut the decals: All I used was a pair of sharp scissors, a 

ruler & a pen.

I used the backing of the previous decals and folded them to fit the shape of the tiles that weren’t square and used the ruler to rule a straight line for cutting, Once I cut the backing to the shape of the tile, I tested to see if it was correct & then used that tile as a template to draw and cut the decal. After cutting the decals to the correct shape & size I applied as normal.


3 thoughts on “Tile Decal Collab with Bleucoin”

  1. Ashley says:

    These look amazing! I’ve bought myself a small pack of multi just to do random tiles in the kitchen just to add a bit more colour. If you ever leave your home will you take the decals with you?

    1. Brandi Love says:

      Hi Ashley, That’s awesome! They definitely add a nice little touch to any space. I will definitely take them with me if I move and will just use parchment/baking paper to store them and keep their stickiness. 🙂

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