Christmas with Koh

This year I’ve been invited to decorate my Christmas table with Koh Living. To be honest, I’ve never celebrated Christmas at my own home before so decorating a Christmas table was completely new to me. My family and I have always celebrated at the in laws and other family members homes. They’re always decking the place out with the traditional red, green & silver baubles and tinsel and an abundance of delicious food and fruit punch. This year, I thought I’d create something a bit different. 

I’ve mixed some of the new range from Koh Living like these Australian Wildflower Coasters with some foliage from the garden, some sliced wood stumps that I had laying around the house and a gorgeous mix of flowers in the Large Dandelion Vase and you have a beautiful Australian (well, sort of) themed table setting, mix that with the heat, the flies and mosquitoes. You have a true Australian Christmas.

I’ve also added some wooden tree ornaments for that added rustic feel.

This gorgeous tealight holder is called ‘Christmas Bells‘. How convenient. I picked this sweet little tealight holder to compliment my yellow dining chairs.

I’ve created my own ‘Australian Summer’ themed table with native plants, flowers and of course the wonderful scent of Koh’ Lemongrass Tealight Candles.

Here, I’ve cut some foliage off of an evergreen tree I have outside to add some gorgeous greenery to this table. I’ve placed the Koh Ceramic Tray on top. I’ve also used some of the same foliage to dress up our plates. Make sure you rinse and dry before using them as plate decor unless you want to eat some tiny bugs with your Christmas lunch.


These gorgeous cone shaped tealight holders are called Minikins and come in many different styles. This one shown above is called Chasing Butterflies, and when lit with a tea light candle, the beautiful glow of the candlelight shines through the porcelain and you can see the true beauty of the butterflies. 



Find the items I’ve used to style my table here:

Tray- Ceramic Tray
Vase- Dandelion Vase (Large)
Coasters- Australian Wildflower Coasters (Pack of 4)
Minikin- Chasing Butterflies
Tealight Cup- Porcelain Olive Cup (Butterfly)
Tealight Holder- Christmas Bells Tealight Holder

Let me know what you think of my very first Christmas table in the comments below. 

Brandi x

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