Wallpaper Collab with Coloray Decor

Hey Guys, It’s been a while since I have made a blog post. Life has been a juggling act lately!

But I’ve just been bitten with the writers bug and wanted to tell you guys about one of my most common question on my Instagram, ‘Did you paint this wall?’. 

The answer is NO, I didn’t! Crazy huh? 

It’s removable wallpaper and it’s from Coloray Decor

Click Here to find it. 

It was my first time installing wallpaper so I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into, but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the process was. It came in 3 panels and I installed each panel one by one. The first panel was a breeze. The second panel was more difficult especially having to align the print  but this wallpaper is so forgiving, I was able to peel and re-stick several times without losing any stickiness. 

I absolutely love the finished product and it’s a huge wow factor and conversation starter. Scroll down to see before and afters and tell me what you think in the comments. 

Brandi x 



4 thoughts on “Wallpaper Collab with Coloray Decor”

  1. Looks so wonderful. What a difference one wall makes. I loved it “before”, but “after” I love even more.

    1. Brandi Love says:

      Thank you so much! It definitely makes a difference.

  2. Karen Eshliman says:

    I live in a rented apartment and love the idea of this wall paper. I’m wondering if you think it’ll damage the sheetrock wall underneath if you remove it when you leave?
    Room is Sooooo cute!!

    1. Brandi Love says:

      Hi Karen, Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I haven’t experienced removal of this wallpaper yet. It was easy to remove and reapply during installation but I’m uncertain of how it will remove after a long period of time. In saying that, I am moving house in the next few weeks and will be removing the wallpaper so I will get to experience first hand. So wish me luck, if you follow me on Instagram, I will share any future updates. https://www.instagram.com/the.hectic.eclectic/
      Brandi x

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