Another Day, Another DIY- Peach Coloured Drawers

Hey guys, 

I just wanted to share this simple DIY with you on this old set of drawers I have. My parents bought these at their next door neighbors garage sale over 10 years ago and they’ve somehow ended up with me (not that I’m complaining). I seem to be the go-to person to take unwanted furniture and it has been both a blessing and curse. A blessing because I love furniture and 9 times out of 10 can turn something boring into something beautiful and a curse because I want to keep everything for myself and I’m running out of room. This set of drawers had been sitting in the back of a cupboard for the past 6 years.

I had an urge to paint something peachy pink after seeing some gorgeous photos on Pinterest of peach colored furniture so I thought I would use this little set of drawers as my practice piece. I’m glad I did. First off, a trip to my local Bunnings to get some supplies.


Here’s what I bought:
Taubmans “Hush Puppies” 500ml Sample Pot of Paint- $9
Sander sheets for my Dads palm sander. I used the 80grit- $12.73
Prestige Cup Metallic Gold Drawer Pulls- Pack of 4- $12 

Total Cost: $33.75

Step One: Sand back to natural timber. I've borrowed my dads Palm Sander. My hands were so numb after doing this!
Step Two: Wipe over your drawers with metho to clean any dust and oils off.
Step Three: Make yourself a cuppa while the metho dries.
Step Four: Start painting. Yay (this is the fun part). I have used a cheap roller from bunnings. I've done 2 coats on each of the drawers & 3 on the dresser.

Now to attach the handles. I picked these Prestige cup drawer pulls from Bunnings for $12 for a pack of 4. I can’t find them online but here’s a link to the Chrome Plated Hampton Cup Pull or the Prestige Brass Shell Cup Drawer Pulls. Personally, I prefer the Brass.

These are the colour I chose. They come in Black & Chrome. But I personally loved the gold for this project.
The box that the drawer pulls come on has a handy little template to help guide your screw holes. I measured the center and poked a hole through the existing drawer hole on the drawer and then used the guide to drill my holes.
I've used frog tape to mark the part of the drill bit where I will stop drilling as I dont want the hole to be all the one size. After drilling to the edge of the tape, I drilled the remainder of the hole with a smaller drill bit.
Let's get drilling. I've used another one of my dads tools for this. Thanks Dad!
Ta-Dah! One down four to go!

This was such a quick project. It only took me an afternoon to finish and I’m thrilled with the outcome and now I have heaps of paint left over for another project. 

I hope you enjoyed my little DIY.

Brandi. x


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