Siesta Home Style Challenge

I was given a fun little challenge to restyle a space in my home using a mystery box that was sent to me by Siesta Home

I was requested to take a before photo of my space in its current state. 

Here’s my before:

I had no idea what was going to be in the mystery box so when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. I received 5 cushion covers, a pompom throw blanket, a terrazzo planter & a gorgeous print to style.

Along with my style challenge, I was given some Q&A to answer for Siesta Home which I will also share below.

·       How would you describe your home style? 

I would describe my style as eclectic colourful and collected. I love mixing things up! Vintage with Modern, Old with New, and most of all, I love mixing patterns. 


·        How did you design your living room in this style challenge?

I Honestly didn’t have to put much thought into it because Siesta Home had picked the perfect colours to compliment my space! It was a match made in heaven! The artwork is one of my favorite pieces in this room as it adds that little bit of elegance to a colourful space and pairs well with the Flora Blue Cushion.


·        What’s your impression of Siesta Home products? I love the quality of


each product I was able to style in this style challenge! Everything was so soft to touch! The colours were beautiful and vibrant and a couple of the items were products I wouldn’t have normally chosen for myself, but once I had styled them, I absolutely loved them and the way they were able to change the space and add more elegance.


·       What are three styling tips you could share? 

I always add a block colour if I’m mixing patterns so your eye will have somewhere to rest. 

I try and follow the Group of 3 rule and will group products in lots of 3 with individual shapes and heights. This Siesta home products made this easy for me as the cushions were different shapes, sizes and colours. I’ve grouped the planter with practical use items like agate coasters and a delicious scented candle. 

Don’t be be afraid to add layers. Layer your rugs, artwork, bedding or even curtains to add character. This can also be a fun way to experiment with patterns & colours


Here are the products I was sent to style: (Click on each image to go to the website link.

More than Ever Tie Me Up Cushion Cover
Keep Resin Terrazzo Planter
More than Ever Worth the Tassel Euro
Him & Her Petal Pusher Art Print & Sanctuary Studio Pom Pom Throw
Siesta Home Fern Round Cushion
Sanctuary Studio Ice Blue & Ice Blue Flora Cushion Cover

I had so much fine styling with these products and heres the finished product. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’ve put a before and after for comparison. It’s amazing what a few small changes can make to a space. These Siesta Home products add the perfect amount of elegance to the space. 

Which product is your favourite?

Before Siesta Home
After Siesta Home

Brandi x

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