The Hectic Eclectic Shop Launch!!!

If you’re wondering why I have been a little quiet lately, I’ll tell you why! 

I’ve been working on a little side hustle with my best friend and partner in crime- Ally. We have just launched our new shop called ‘The Hectic Eclectic Shop‘! This is a dream come true for us both as we’ve always wanted to start our own shop! 

This shop is an online store (for now) and I’d love to show you what we have up for grabs! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be creating some collections for you to re-create some of the most loved rooms in my home.

(Just a few ideas I have up my sleeve: Bird Gallery Wall, Girls Bedroom, Dining Room)


You can re-create my bird gallery wall with some of the stunning bird prints we have available in our shop!

Meet Ally

Ally and I met in a place of suffering- Our local gym! It wasn’t until our fitness challenge awards night, that we were able to speak full sentences to each other. I suppose it’s hard to speak while you’re doing stair runs and kettle bell swings. Who knew, that very night would lead us to where we are today- Starting our very own business together! #BOSSLADIES

We like to tell people that she’s the brains behind the business and I’m the beauty! Even though we’re both equally beautiful and brainy! 😉 Ally handles all of the boring financial & legal stuff and I do the fun stuff! Like, taking photos and marketing as well as handling Social Media.


I asked Ally to be my business partner.
She said yes! (But I got the ring)

So how does it all work?

Well, we know that the online shopping world is evolving every day and it’s  pretty big, I mean, who doesn’t love sitting in the comfort of your own home, no makeup, no pants, no bra and a good old cuppa joe (or some bubbles). It’s just the click of a button and the product is delivered straight to your door. 

We wanted to tap into that world, and we figured dropshipping/consignment would work well for us to begin with as we don’t have to handle any stock and we can have as many, or as little products in our store as we like! Oh and no financial outlay! *Bonus

Our ultimate goal was to curate our favourite local makers & creators into the one website where people could buy unique and eclectic homewares and products alike, and that’s just what we did! We’re still learning so much as we go and we’re so proud of how far we have come so far!

We launched on the 25th of August 2019 with 26 brands that we personally love, these brands are all local to Australia and share the same passion that we do! Supporting small businesses.


The Fun Part!

I am so lucky to be able to make a career out of something I love, Taking photos, styling homes and beautiful spaces! Part of signing up to our online store, is the opportunity to have your products photographed and styled by me! (The Hectic Eclectic)

I’ve been snapping pics of some of the products we have available in our online store these past few weeks and I wanted to share some with you. 

If anything catches your eye, then simply click on the image to go to the website listing. There’s something here for everyone!

Leather Overnight/Duffle Bags- Chase & Hide
Snakes & Ladder Play Mat- Little Smith Co
High Noon Art Decal- Gussy Dup
Priscilla the Pig Door Stop- White Moose
Rainbow Crochet Rug- Love Indi Lou
Diamond Tufted Cotton Throw- Chase & Hide
Clam Shell Wax Melts- Olive & Peach
Serengeti Canvas Bag/Planter- McKenzie House
Golden Wattle Mustard Tote- Cockatoo Collection
Flamboyant Flamingo Print- Nicolees Art
Scallop Wall Decals- Moonface Studio
Hattie the Yellow Crested Cockatoo Print- Jo Paints

Would you like to be a part of this?

If you’re a local small business creating products that suit or branding then we would love to have you on board!

Email us at ‘’ and we will send you all the info to become a part of our new adventure- The Hectic Eclectic Shop.


Support us by following our social media accounts:



Or Shop our Website!


Lastly, we would like to say a very heart felt Thank You to those of you who have supported us every step of the way and continue to encourage us!

Our loving partners, friends, family and even our followers!

We are so grateful!

Brandi & Ally xx

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