My Kidzshack Cubby Make Over

I was lucky enough to be offered a cubby from Kidzshach in exchange to give it a makeover!! I was absolutely thrilled and started Pinning like crazy! Here’s the cubby I chose and my Inspiration Image that I found on Pinterest.

What I love most about my inspiration pic is the blue door & the stained roof as well as the cute garden & shrubs around the edge. I’m pleases to say that we have finished our cubby reno (Except for the garden) and I will be sharing with you my step by step below. Enjoy.

Cabot's Water Based Stain in Merbau

To start off I had to pick a stain colour. I chose this Cabots stain in the colour, Merbau. This was about $50 for a tin from Bunnings. I chose the water based stain as it’s easier for me to clean. First I stained the timber flooring. I wanted to stain both the inside and the patio of the cubby house. I did 2 coats on all stained surfaces. I stained the decking, the window frames and the roof. 

I just used a cheap $5 fencing brush.

After staining the deck and the cubby I wanted to start on the door! I had some helpers to help! We chose the colour Waterway by Dulux and painted the door with 2 coats.

My little helpers for the day.
How amazing does the blue look against the timber!

Now it was time to paint! Off to Bunnings to buy some paint, I was about to leave with a $50 tin of outdoor paint but was stopped by one of the workers at Bunnings and he suggested using this paint by Walpamur. I was a little skeptical at first but he insisted that he has heard wonderful feedback about this brand of paint in the 5 years that he had worked at Bunnings AND it was only $36 a tin. So naturally, I went with the cheaper, better option. I chose the Dulux colour Snowy Mountain in Half strength.

Bargain! I had to share with Instagram, of course.
Paint details.
First Coat, I did a total of 2 coats per panel and 3 on heavy traffic areas. (Around window sills and fencing)

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the cubby painted unassembled. My partner, Mark and our friend Steyn both helped build it and it went up in about 2 hours with a couple of breaks in between. 

Our handy-men for the day.
Everyone wanted to help!
The cubby after being built, still some painting to do.

After the cubby was built, I still had some painting to do on the ceiling. I was so happy with the structure and size! I can stand up fully inside. I’m about 172cm tall!

This bench seat is from Kmart and I've recovered it with some fabric from Spotlight.
I made a DIY bunting out of some paint samples I picked up from Bunnings when I was choosing our door paint.

Get the Palomino Horse Print: HERE

Get the Golden Wattle Cushion: HERE

Now for the Finished Product!

Next on my things to do is build a garden around the besser blocks to hide them.
This Rainbow Felt Ball Door Mat from The Slumber Co was the perfect size!
I bought these festoon lights from Kmart for $15 a box. I used 2 boxes.
These festoon lights are also from Kmart but are the Solar Powered version for $10.
I'm going to be adding a stencil to the deck floor and I can't wait!

Product Links

Summer Svenson Planters: HERE

Black Cockatoo Print: HERE

Rainbow Felt Ball Rug: HERE

Bolga Basket: HERE

Indoor Festoon Lights: HERE

Solar Festoon Lights: HERE

Piggy Door Stop: HERE

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