My IKEA Complete Sleep Studio Experience

Now for those of you who follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you should know that I’m a bit of an IKEA fan! Ok, not a ‘bit’, more like, ALOT of an IKEA fan! I’ve been talking about IKEA and introducing IKEA products to my followers from day one! The day after I purchased my SINGERLIG Pendant Lamps & the LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug, I opened my Instagram account. I still think it’s one of the reasons my account grew so quickly! It was a bold statement rug and I managed to pull it off and I was able to do it with affordable home-wares. I still have my the lights 8 years later and still get compliments on them. You guys may have seen them in my hallway recently. (I altered them a little by removing the bottom half of the shade, see pic below).

Make sure you try the Swedish Meatballs & Daim Cake while you're there!

It was coming up to my next visit and I was planning the day with my gal pals but when I received an email from IKEA inviting me to test out the new complete sleep center, I did a little happy dance!!! I told my girlfriends and we all did a little happy dance together!

We drove up about 2 weeks later to test out the new sleep center that’s rolling out in stores across Australia and it just so happens, that the Sleep Center was available at my closest store in Logan, Queensland. WINNING!
Upon arrival I was greeted with the lovely Sidney who took us on a quick tour to to one of the sleep pods. 

I felt instantly relaxed just looking at the beautiful styling done by IKEAs Interior Stylists- I mean, what a dream job! I learnt so much about sleep while I was there too, from the bedroom section co-workers, especially how much we sleep throughout our entire lifetime (229,961 hours or about 1/3 of our lives)!! I then  tested out the mattress selector which is basically a big iPad where you select you are asked a bunch of questions on your sleep preferences and IKEA will then select a mattress that is suitable for you and what your body needs for a restful nights sleep. (something I hadn’t had in some time)

I was recommended the HIDRASUND mattress. One of the lovely ladies from IKEA then took me to try the mattress and it was MAGICAL, she explained everything perfectly including the mattress’ 5 comfort zones to help relieve tension in your body and a 25 year guarantee!! I’ve been sleeping on a cheap eBay mattress for the last 6 years so I didn’t actually know what I had been missing out on. Conveniently my mattress was well overdue for replacement and IKEA were going to GIFT me a mattress aswell as some textiles and a pillow to go with it! Can this day get any better! 

 After testing out a few more mattresses, I decided that the HIDRASUND mattress was the one for me! The team at IKEA Logan knew exactly what I needed to

help me get a better night’s sleep.

No Mattress could comapare to the HIDRASUND after I tried it!

Then it was time for to choose a pillow, Despite being a tummy/side sleeper, I went with the firm GULDPALM  pillow which felt most comfortable for me. .

Now the fun part!  Selecting textiles to dress up my new mattress and pillow, compliments of IKEA. I chose the 100% linen PURDEVIVA sheets and the dusty pink BERGPALM quilt cover. I also chose a single sized quilt cover to dress the end of the bed with a little bit of colour and extra warmth. To finish off, I added the RODARV Cushion

What do you guys think of my IKEA bedroom styling?

2 thoughts on “My IKEA Complete Sleep Studio Experience”

  1. Emily says:

    Loooove it… I have only just discovered your blog after being a long time follower on IG. I just love the natural elements with the bright colours, it really appeals to me. Im not very brave so I have a little Hectic Eclectic in my place but I do love it when it all works.

    1. Brandi Love says:

      Hi Emily, Oh thank you so much. It can take some trial and error to create a eclectic space but it really comes down to what makes you happy. I’m so glad you’re enjoying following along. x

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