The Hectic Eclectic Shop

The Hectic Eclectic Shop is the realization of a long time ambition for both Brandi from The Hectic Eclectic and Ally from My Toowoomba. We wanted to set up a shop that showcased some of the amazing eclectic pieces we both love and the makers & creators that are local to us. We have a focus on home decor, art, accessories, skincare, pet supplies and so much more. We are very aware that there are so many talented local artisans, producers and suppliers looking for a platform to sell their goods. We hope to provide that platform with, The Hectic Eclectic Shop.

We are always interested in widening our variety of products so if you feel like your products would be a good fit in our online store than please feel free to email us at: 

We will be happy to send you more information and hopefully have you join our online store!