Brandi’s magic isn’t just in styling, it is the incredible business woman and kind helpful soul that makes working with her an absolute pleasure. When I was looking for a collaboration for my artwork, I wanted nothing but the best. And that’s what I got. Brandi has built a strong, loyal, following and it shows. After styling my work impeccably and sharing on her page, I instantly gained new and genuine followers. Then, I also started to get sales flowing through, this wasn’t just a one off either. Each time I was tagged in a photo I would notice sales come through my website. I now have very loyal returning customers thanks to Brandi. The Hectic Eclectic is leading the world as a decor influencer, who wouldn’t want a home like that? I would recommend every home decor business use the hectic eclectic for effective influencer marketing. I saw great return on investment. 
– Kylie, Kylie Ferriday Art

‘I love working with Brandi from @the.hectic.eclectic. Not only do I adore her feed, I love seeing the ways she styles our pieces – always in a way I never could. On the days of her posts we always see a bump in followers, engagement and website views. We’ve also had direct sales from her posts. I’ll definitely continue to work with her.’
– Bianca, Coux Lifestyle

Brandi’s presentation and honest evaluation of products that are sent her way were a real selling point for the initiation of our relationship.

As a follower I always enjoy seeing how she integrates new items into her home and I also draw styling inspiration from her feed.

From the beginning the relationship has been outstanding and I have enjoyed working with Brandi. She has been lovely to speak with and her absolute joy in my artwork has been a highlight in my career.
Since Brandi represented my artwork I have had a significant increase in interaction on my own social media account and the wider audience has increased my own following. I have especially noticed the new followers are people genuinely interested in my art and business which has allowed for a steady increase in sales and enquiries. I primarily sell through etsy or commission work and since being represented by The Hectic Eclectic I have had an increase in visits to my etsy shop from 400 visits to 1200 visits.
Each time Brandi shows my art in her posts I notice higher interaction with my page/enquiries on social media.
I would recommend working with Brandi to anyone, especially small business owners who would love their work displayed in an amazing home. 

– Joanna, Jo Paints

I have been lucky enough to work with Brandi from The Hectic Eclectic on a few occasions now and I can not recommend her and her amazing Instagram page enough.
One post has garnered many, many hundreds of new followers and numerous sales (using our created coupon code)
I absolutely advise any brand or business to collaborate with Brandi for assured success.

 – Kavala, Tilly & Otto


My relationship with Brandi started a few years back now when my sister and I stumbled across Brandi’s house in our search for a new fresh house to showcase our cushions 
We were blown away and completely fell in love with it, we were in awe of the blend of decor and colours 
We could see this lady knew her stuff! 
We were also attempting to show people that colour has a big place in a child’s life and we’re trying to move away from the then current monochrome trend 
This has definitely been achieved with Brandis help! Our monochrome option is no longer our most popular 
I feel that without Brandi’s influence, this wouldn’t have been achieved 
Our customers have now embraced colour and we couldn’t be prouder! 
It’s been a pleasure to see Brandis influence and following grow so organically. I look forward to seeing her photos pop up each day and can’t wait to see new art and decor, or just simply see how seamlessly Brandi can flip around things and add new things so effortlessly.
We have a strong relationship with Brandi, she never disappoints! She is one very talented lady and has an amazing eye. We have continued to see a steady increase in new followers and sales each time Brandi posts a pic or even just when I post one of her pics! 
Our followers never tire of seeing Brandis stunning, eclectic, colourful and unique home & neither do we!

– Mel, Miles & Tate